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We’re delighted to announce that Bloodhound LSR and the Bloodhound team will be going to Hakskeen Pan in South Africa in October 2019 for high speed testing.

The plans were confirmed at a press conference on 9th July by Bloodhound LSR CEO Ian Warhurst: “I’m thrilled that we can announce Bloodhound’s first trip to South Africa for these high speed testing runs.”

Ian went on to talk about this being the first world land speed record campaign of the digital era. “This world land speed record campaign is unlike any other, with the opportunities opened up by digital technology that enabled the team to test the car’s design using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and that will allow us to gather and share data about the car’s performance in real time.”

Why High Speed Testing?

As we reported in the last newsletter, the Bloodhound LSR team has been hard at work preparing the car for these high speed test runs, upgrading and changing many aspects of the car following the successful low speed test runs at Cornwall Airport Newquay in 2017.

We’ll be using the high speed runs to test the car’s performance and handling at much higher speeds. It will also be a full dress rehearsal for the overall record-breaking campaign. This will include developing operational procedures, perfecting our practices for desert working and testing radio communications.

One of the most obvious changes to the car is the wheels, which have been swapped for the specially designed solid aluminium desert wheels. At the press conference Ian explained: “We’re running the car on a brand new surface. The wheels have been designed specifically for this desert lake bed, but it will still be vital to test them at high speeds before making record speed runs.”


Source | Bloodhound Land Speed Record