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4th Annual Global Composites Coalition Meeting Feedback

4th Annual Global Composites Coalition Meeting Feedback

Andy Radford attended the on-line 4th Annual Global Composites Coalition Meeting on Tuesday 17 July.  It was hosted by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA). The four themes were life-cycle analysis and the circular economy, composites recycling and global standards cooperation.

Click Here to view full powerpoint presentation.

Noteworthy comments include:

  1. From a Composites UK study on the FRP Circular Economy; the constituents of the composite matter; if more resin – consider extracting the energy (i.e. burn) and if more fibre – better for recycling.
  2. Wind-turbine blades reaching end-of-life around 25 years are now being “re-lifed” for use to the age of 40 years.
  3. Aircraft are being used for spare parts as they near end-of-life owing to the higher value in parts than from remaining in service.
  4. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit organisation that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standards and conformity assessment system. ISO is the  leading multi-stakeholder, multi-sector, multi-national platform for developing consensus-based International Standards. Its a network of national standards bodies from 160 countries. Since ACMA is tied with ANSI they are considering developing ANSI standards for composites which then get integrated into ISO.
Composites Cluster Board Member Nominations

Composites Cluster Board Member Nominations

The Composites Cluster is inviting submissions/ nominations for interested and qualified role players to act as board members

The objective is to help shape the future of the cluster from an industry perspective. The Board meets quarterly.

Suitable nominations to be sent to Andy Radford

Eastern Cape Natural Gas Economy Opportunities

Eastern Cape Natural Gas Economy Opportunities

The Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism will be hosting an information-sharing meeting on natural gas economy opportunities, to stimulate preparation of the Provincial economy for potential introduction of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as an energy source into the Province. Cordially receive attached formal invitation.

The details of the meeting are given below:

  • Date: Thursday 26 July 2018
  • Time: 09:30 for 10:00 – 12:00
  • Venue: Port Elizabeth, (To be confirmed)


Should you have any queries concerning the meeting, please contact Mr Zenande Nombakuse at [email protected] or 043 605 7262.



National awards officially recognising innovation and excellence in Advanced Manufacturing will be made for the first time in South Africa during November.

The National Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Awards, is hosted under the auspices of the DTI co-funded, national Composites Cluster with a wide scope including the key drivers of the 4th industrial revolution.

All companies operating in the advanced manufacturing field, including 3D printing, robotics, automation, AI, laser cutting and etching, CNC machining, software, big data, IOT and composites will be eligible for national recognition.

Companies or organisations may make submissions in six categories including:  Scholarly impact in advanced manufacturing, Industry advancement in advanced manufacturing, Export proficiency, Contribution to Import replacement, Composites Innovation and Most promising “start- up or newcomer”.

Composites Cluster MD, Andy Radford, formerly an industrialist at the CSIR, before the Composites Cluster was established with the support of the South African government, said the awards would play a key role in advancing the country’s advanced manufacturing agenda.

“As we push to consolidate and develop our manufacturing strategy, it is essential that as a collective –  government and private sector stakeholders identify, promote and reward innovation in the advanced manufacturing and composites industry.”

Radford said the awards, which would be made annually at the African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show (with the inaugural event set to take place from November 7-9) would also “aim to showcase South Africa’s capabilities and popularise Advanced Manufacturing in industry and to learners.”

He said entries close on July 27.

The National Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Awards will take place as part of the African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show which will include a dynamic, interactive exhibition, conferences and factory tours at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth from November 7-9.

Organisers say several international delegations have already confirmed, including leading Advanced manufacturing  companies from France and Germany, while a focused campaign will draw dominant advanced manufacturers from Africa.

“While manufacturing remains an essential part of South Africa’s economy – contributing around 19% of GDP, our efforts towards Advanced Manufacturing in South Africa are highly fragmented, but we do have significant pockets of excellence,” Radford said.

“The African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show will not only bring all the key role-players and technology partners together towards a common vision, it would also inspire emerging engineers.”

“Three-dimensional printing, lasers, automation and artificial intelligence are exciting tools to encourage a new generation of engineers and scientists but we need to expose them and industry to these technologies and there is no time to waste,” Radford said.

Radford said the KPMG  2016 Global Manufacturing Survey, showed the extent to which global manufacturers were racing for advanced manufacturing leadership.

“25% of  360 respondents said that they had already invested in three-dimensional printing and additive manufacturing technologies. An equal number had also already invested in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technologies.

Two-fifths of survey respondents said they would definitely channel significant amounts of their research and development investments towards robotics before 2019.

“The message is clear that certain manufacturers and manufacturing countries will ensure their sustainability and growth in Industry 4.0 where others will be left increasingly far behind in servicing an increasingly demanding global client base.”

“The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium venue, alongside the North End Lake, is ideal for the outdoors demonstration of boats, vehicles, and drones all of which encapsulate Advanced Manufacturing technologies and indoor exhibits showcasing automation, computing and 3d printing, among others.

The show would be accessible to both trade and public visitors.

Radford said the organisers of the Show have a vision and strategy to ensure that the African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show attracted global role-players in all areas of Advanced Manufacturing, including Composites and especially African role-players.

To this end Radford said delegations from France and Germany have already confirmed while an MOU had been signed with UK Composites and a marketing campaign would target African buyers.

For more information: www.africanadvancedmanufacturingshow.co.za


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