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With support from government and industry the Cluster will host a B2B and B2C exhibition and conference during the second half of 2018 aimed at providing role-players with market access opportunities, both national and international.

The trade event is designed around the needs of buyers and suppliers in the Advanced Manufacturing sector, including Composites, 3d printing, CNC, lasers and robotics.

For early marketing and sponsorship opportunities please contact Andy Radford or Andrew Binning ([email protected], 041 3630310) of the organising team


Composites Cluster Director a Panelist at the Eastern Cape Manufacturing Indaba

Composites Cluster Director a Panelist at the Eastern Cape Manufacturing Indaba

The Composites Cluster championed an advanced manufacturing view on the conference programme of the Eastern Cape Manufacturing Indaba in Port Elizabeth on October 20.

Cluster Director Andy Radford sat on  a panel addressing the theme: “The best of Eastern Cape Manufacturing”.  Other panellists were Dave Coffey of Shatterprufe, Ken Clark of Twizza, Stavros Nicolaou of Aspen Pharmacare and Deon Joubert of SJM Flex.

Earlier DTI Deputy Director General for Industrial Development, Garth Strachan provided a thorough analysis of the country’s economic health and priority areas, which included halting premature de-industrialisation, which was a feature of the South African economy.

VWSA CEO Thomas Schaefer presented a compelling presentation on the future of manufacturing – driven by technology shifts and the pronounced move to electric vehicles.

Radford said advanced manufacturing thinking should provide industry with “an aha moment” as it represented opportunity for efficiency, sustainability and export contributions to all sectors.

JEC World 2018 SA Pavillion Offer + Special Deal for Large SA companies

JEC World 2018 SA Pavillion Offer + Special Deal for Large SA companies


Applications close Friday 27 October 2017.

The Composites Cluster will be arranging a South African pavilion to JEC World which runs from 6-8 March 2018 in Paris, France. 

JEC World 2018 includes 1,300 exhibitors and 40 000 visitors. Click here for more info.

DTI support for this pavilion  will cover the following upfront costs for companies up to:
– 100% of the costs of return flights;
– 100% of the costs of ground transport;
– 100% of the costs of the stand;
– 100% of the cost of accommodation;
– 100% of the costs related to the transport of the product to trade show one way

APPROVED companies pay R4000 for the organisers to facilitate the South African contingent. This amount will only need to be made payable in full to the Composites Cluster once the dti have sent the approval letter and your company name appears on this confirming your involvement. 

This fee will be discounted to R3500 for Cluster Participants – provided their application is completed before Friday 27 October 2017.

Please confirm if you are interested in attending this event by emailing [email protected] and they will send you the required application form and checklist. 

Please note that the completed dti’s SSAS application form, together with supporting documentation, must be submitted by no later than Friday 27th October 2017



Some SA companies are too large to benefit from the DTI financial support provided to participate in this international composites tradeshow.

JEC has therefore created a package to encourage those not eligible for DTI support to gather at the next show and have their booth close to the SA pavilion that will enjoy communication support from JEC.

Please click here to view an analysis of the auto and aero sectors at JEC

Click here to view the proposed package for large SA companies

Click here to view the JEC World 2018 brochure

Click here to view video footage of the event (<120sec)

Composites Apprenticeship

Composites Apprenticeship

The National Composites Centre in the UK has launched a composites technician apprenticeship. This may be what South Africa needs too, in order to optimise opportunities in advanced manufacturing for South Africa’s economy.

‘The approval by government of the composites technician apprenticeship is a significant milestone and we can now train apprentices on composites part manufacture making sure the content of the qualification meets the needs of all the industrial sectors manufacturing composites parts,’ said Dean Jones from Rolls Royce, chair of an industrial steering group that has developed the content of a new BTec qualification with support from awarding body Pearsons.

The training program contains eight mandatory units including materials, processes, design and defect detection to help provide the apprentice with a broad understanding of all elements of composites manufacture. In addition, there are 10 optional units which enable the trainee to focus on specific areas and gain a deeper understanding in the specific operations the company requires. The number of the optional units will be increased as industry demand dictates and new processes and materials are developed.

‘In the past, companies manufacturing in composite materials have had to train their apprentices in the principles of metallic manufacturing,’ added Jones. ‘Now there is a specific apprenticeship program designed and developed by composites manufacturers to address this issue.

‘We constantly hear how skills gaps and shortages are constraining growth and productivity, and how new recruits and even contractors lack the skills to perform required tasks. Well, the new composites technician apprenticeship is set to address this serious issue and as the many sectors which manufacture composites parts is set to grow exponentially, this is welcome news.’

This story is reprinted from Materials Today with editorial changes made.

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