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JEC Asia

JEC Asia


Next November in Seoul, don’t miss the chance to take part in the JEC Asia 2017 Innovation Awards Competition

A long established program:

Created in 1998, the goals of the JEC Innovation Awards program are to identify, promote, and reward the most innovative composite solutions worldwide and also enhance their public exposure.

For almost 10 years, this program has contributed to the advancement of the composite industry, and your project could be the next step forward.

An International Recognition

Winners gain a lot of visibility thanks to the extensive promotion allocated in various media:

Website: +40,000 unique visitors per month
JEC Composites Magazine: over 38,000 certified copies
Newsletter: +24,500 readers
A dedicated section in the Visitor’s Guide
Prize giving ceremony during the show


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International Composites Conference
2nd edition

Trends, Innovations and Opportunities

This two-day event will be gathering key industry players and experts around  technical presentations combined with site visits to optimize networking opportunities and knowledge exchange.

Tentative Agenda – July 4, 2017
• Overview Thailand Automotive Industry
• Overview Automotive Composites
• Designing Composite Parts for Automotive Use
• Case Studies of Advanced Automotive Composite Design and Manufacturing
• Composite technologies contribution to the Automotive
• R&D presentation on Carbon Class A Finish
• Bio-based Resin to Reduce the Environmental Footprint
• Towards an effective repair strategy for damaged fibre composites

Among the speakers
• Danu Chotikapanich – President, Thai Composites Association
• Tanawat Boonpradith – Deputy Director, Audit & Assessment, Thailand Automotive Institute
• Daniel Ageda – Secretary General & COO, JEC Group
• Pascal Joubert des Ouches – Composites Business Director, Chomarat
• Amol Mangalmurti – General Manager Application Development, Autotech Polymers India
• Lolatte Xia -Weight Technical Engineer, L&L Products
• Pan-Usa Kongmunwattana – Marketing Manager, Advanced Biochemical (Thailand)
• Dr Kheng-Lim Goh – Associate Professor, Newcastle University Singapore
• Cameron Johnson – General Manager Asia, Sigmatex
Site visits – July 5, 2017

Take full advantage of your participation with the visit of two technical sites

Become a sponsor and promote your brand!

Associate your company to the event and reach targeted audiences

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(IFAS-Research) Call for funding application / July-December 2017

(IFAS-Research) Call for funding application / July-December 2017

Don’t miss it!

Call for funding application / July-December 2017

M.A. – Doctoral – Post-Doctoral students – Senior Researchers

IFAS-Research is launching an intermediary call for funding, covering the second half of 2017. A small number of projects will be funded; all must be completed or started during 2017 (no postponement to 2018 will be possible).

IFAS-Research has a regional mandate covering eleven countries in Southern Africa (South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia), and promotes and supports research projects in the Human and Social Sciences dealing with this area.

All funding applications from research units, researchers and students for research work, fieldwork or events must imperatively reach us before the 15th of July 2017. A specific interest will be shown to projects of scientific events.

Nationality will not be a condition for application, although the existence or prospect of a long-lasting partnership between France and Southern Africa is essential, particularly bilateral or transregional projects.

Financial contribution from another institution will be preferable. Funds allocated by IFAS-Research will be between EUR. 500 – 1 000 according to the project.

Applicants will receive replies by email before the end of July 2017.

> Deadline for applications: 15th July 2017

> More information on our website

Appel à projets / juillet – décembre 2017

Etudiants de master 2 – Doctorants – Post-doctorants – Chercheurs

L’Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud-Recherche (UMIFRE 25, USR 3336) a une vocation régionale qui couvre onze pays d’Afrique australe : Afrique du Sud, Mozambique, Zambie, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Angola, République démocratique du Congo, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana et Namibie. Il encourage et soutient la recherche en sciences humaines et sociales portant sur cet espace.

Dans le cadre de sa programmation scientifique, l’IFAS-Recherche lance un appel à projets intermédiaire, couvrant la seconde moitié de l’année 2017. Il pourra financer un petit nombre de projets ; ils devront impérativement être engagés au cours de l’année 2017 et ne pourront être reportés en 2018.

Toutes les demandes de financement (travaux et terrains de recherche, manifestations scientifiques) de la part des unités de recherche, chercheurs et étudiants (M2 et doctorat) doivent impérativement nous parvenir avant le 15 juillet 2017. Un intérêt particulier sera accordé aux projets de manifestations scientifiques.

Aucune condition de nationalité ne s’applique mais l’existence, ou la perspective, d’un partenariat durable entre la France et l’Afrique australe est essentielle, en particulier les projets véritablement bilatéraux ou transrégionaux.

La participation financière d’une autre institution est souhaitable. Les financements attribués par l’IFAS-Recherche seront de 500 à 1000 € selon la nature du projet.

Les réponses seront adressées à tous les porteurs de projet, par courriel, avant la fin du mois de juillet 2017.

> date limite de candidature: 15 juillet 2017

> Plus d’information sur notre site

Map-to-a-Million CEO Workshop: Discussion Document

Map-to-a-Million CEO Workshop: Discussion Document


Map to a Million_CEO Meeting Invitation and Discussion Document_17 May 2…

Philippa Rodseth (Executive Director, Manufacturing Circle) has urged me personally to get the challenges of the composites industry included in an initiative, being embarked upon by large manufacturers and government to spark radical improvements.

I am of the opinion that if our challenges are not on the list, the composites sector should not be surprised to find ourselves at the back of the queue. Time for action! I’ve been asked to represent the composites industry at an important CEO’s meeting on 4th July. I would like to table our constraints that day and need you to  (partially) fill in the attached list before 21 June and return to me.

I specifically ask you to submit examples in which engagements with the three technical regulatory State Owned Entities have negatively impacted your business. These entities are:

– National Regulatory for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS)

– South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)

– South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

I repeat that this is the opportunity for removing some of the challenges that we face as an industry. If we do not act we will lose our right to complain. 

The Manufacturing Circle has initiated the Map-to-a-Million initiative in collaboration with a number of manufacturing industry associations, which aims to create a million jobs by strengthening and growing the local manufacturing sector. The First step is to identify bottlenecks and constraints that the manufacturing sector is facing. Govt. is primed and waiting for the outcome in order to jointly take action. Please read the attached letter for further info.

Act now and send me your input before 21 June.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Kjelt van Rijswijk

Cell:       076 384 3484

Email:    [email protected]

Skype:   kjelt.van.rijswijk

Think Composites! Pretoria Short Course 14 July 2017

Think Composites! Pretoria Short Course 14 July 2017

CESA accredited course
Attendees at the course earn 1 CPD point

R 995.00 for non-members
R 495.00 for registered cluster participants

Course Venue
Durban University of Technology

Course Description
Ask any global expert what the first step is in a career in composites and the answer will most likely be:      “ forget everything you have learned about metals”.
The education of engineers and technicians is built on metal principles.  These same metal principles form the foundation of manufacturing management and technology entrepreneurship courses.
Being a cross-over between engineering and chemistry, composite technology requires a different foundation for developing products, setting up production facilities, running manufacturing companies and conducting business.
This ‘Think Composites!’ course aims to ‘unlearn metals’ and to build a composite foundation that covers not only the various aspects of materials, manufacturing and design, but more importantly the unbreakable link between these three elements. The latter is a fundamental difference with metal technology and a common source for failing composite products and businesses.

Outcomes of course
The main outcome of the course is to recognize and understand the differences between metals and composites and how they impact the engineering, manufacturing and business environment. The course will beef up the engineering angle of participants with a chemistry background, and add a polymer chemistry flavor to engineering participants.
The theory presented combined with industry best practices will assist participants with identifying, avoiding and solving common mistakes in composite design and manufacturing.
The ‘Think Composites!’ course prepares participants for follow-up composite courses and composite courses which are sector specific (e.g. advanced aerospace composites or boat building courses).

Stop thinking metals and start thinking composites before you do any further education to progress a career in composites.  

All participants receive:
•    Printed course-book.
•    CD with Standard Workshop Procedures (SWPs) compiled by the local industry. These SWPs package international best practices covering a wide range of materials and processes, design methods and production facilities. The practical nature of the SWPs combined with the theoretical background of the course itself, provide a valuable basis from which to establish, improve and even certify composite facilities and products.
•    A 30-minutes, 30 question multiple choice exam for self-evaluation purposes.
•    A certificate of attendance.

Who should Attend
The ‘Think Composites!’ 1-day course is essential for anyone who:
has started a career in composites, is thinking about a career in composites,  or who is involved in the support, development and production of any composite products or the companies making them.
Although the primary focus is on developing the technical workforce for the industry, the course is presented in such a way that it also adds value for non-technical managers of manufacturing companies and manufacturing-related policy makers. The course introduces a common platform and terminology from which industry, academia and government representatives can engage and build partnerships.

Contact [email protected] for more details