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Composites collaboration Opportunities : France – South Africa

Composites collaboration Opportunities : France – South Africa

The fact that local companies have been visiting the annual JEC composites exhibition in Paris over the past few years, and are actually attending the 2017 edition this exact week, provides the context for the historical composites link between the two countries and the foundation for expanding the level of collaboration.

The recent handshake between our Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies and the newly appointed French ambassador Christophe Farnaud will be followed up by a number of Industry-to-Industry and Government-to-Government meetings facilitated by the Governments of both countries taking place in both France and South Africa. The aim of these meetings is to identify opportunities for collaboration and related funding mechanisms to roll out projects that address the needs at individual company level, as well as at broader industry level. Topics for discussion could be trade, business partnerships, localization, export, distribution, skills development, technology, etc.

The MBCC will be actively involved in these meetings to support and/or represent the cluster participants and to present topics for bilateral collaboration at industry level.  The company directory on the MBCC website (www.mandelabaycompositescluster.co.za) will be used as the portal to link and direct French companies to cluster participants. If you are not a cluster participant yet, we urge you to do so, so that the MBCC can represent you and enhance your visibility to the rest of the industry, your French counterparts and future international collaboration partners. Please visit the website for more information about what the cluster does and how to participate.

The MBCC has been invited to represent the Composites industry in France and we invite you to send us your ideas on collaboration as mentioned above. The first incoming trade mission with a focus on ‘composite boats and leisure craft’ will take place between 27-30 June 2017 in South Africa. More info to follow shortly.

Issued by Mandela Bay Composites Cluster

Dr Kjelt van Rijswijk – Technical Director
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South African Startups and SMEs are invited to apply for fully funded participation in the “4IR Corridor” at GMIS in Dubai. Companies like Siemens and GE are showcasing some of their products / technologies that drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The idea is to have Startups & SMEs showcase their products or technologies within the same corridor and give them the opportunity to mingle with these giant companies. Attached is an invitation.

Successful applicants (Startups & SMEs) will receive:

1- One Free roundtrip ticket to and from Abu Dhabi

2- Hotel accommodation for up to 2 people

3- Opportunity to showcase for free

4- Opportunity to network with industry giants, investors, government entities, local manufacturers and other Startups & SMEs (regional and global)

5- Hackathon award of US$ 25,000

6- Media coverage from some of the top tier media and broadcasters exhibition

One of the main selection criteria is that applicants must be able to showcase a product or technology that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and hence it will most likely fall within one of the following categories:

– Industrial IoT

– Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

– Big Data

– Cognitive Computing

– Digital Manufacturing

– Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

– Cloud Computing

– Blockchain Technology

– Cybersecurity

– Cobots and Ergorobotic Solutions

– Biotechnologies

– Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials

– Virtual and Augmented Realities

For your reference, the application is available at : www.gmisummit.com/sme

Deadline is March 3, 2017.

4IR Invite




MARCH 29-31 2017


Start time: Wednesday 17:00 (29 March)
End time: Friday 17:00 (31 March)

EThekwini Maritime Cluster in partnership with the EThekwini Municipality will again host its 2nd Annual Maritime Summit from 29 to 31 March 2017 to take place at the ICC.